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Welcome to Sidereal Gardens. This would be the first place to go if you are considering joining. All important site information is located here as well as the sub-forum for all site updates & announcements.

Sidereal Registry

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The citizen files board houses both accepted and pending applications. If you are ready to post up a new character it can be done so within this board.
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The character development board is a combination of thread trackers, relation shippers, character soundtracks, wardrobes, mood pics, quotes, and so forth all combined into one centralized board. Request your own sub-board to be made here in order to have your own space where you can post up an array of development threads for all of your characters.
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This is the board where all of the plotting can take place. Members can post up their character plotters here and it is encouraged for others to join and to discuss potential roleplay scenarios between characters.
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Here is where Sidereal's citizens may communicate via online interactions, cell phone calls, or texting.

Sidereal Village

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The central square is where all governmental and community buildings are located. Clean paved sidewalks weave alongside various regions of the square and each professional sector. Because of the square's territory being slightly bordered off, one pathway will inevitably connect with another. Trimmed shrubbery align the pathways with tall street lamps accompanying them. In the middle of the square is a water fountain and benches for those wishing to sit and take a break. The area itself is very quiet as a result of the professional offices nearby, making it a comfortable and pleasant area.
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Main Street is the predominant location for all shopping within the village, being located one tunneled passage away from Caspian Boulevard. Activity here is usually prevalent throughout the day due to the area hosting a variety of necessities and other products of interest, ranging anywhere from the Farmer's Market, Library, to a multitude of local shops. Sidereal Village has a unique home-town charm, where all businesses are one of a kind and free of chain-names. Much of the businesses offered here are within an easy walking distance, many holding an antique or Historical quality to their architectures that mingle with the brick bordering walls of the village. An occasional bench and lampposts dot the cobblestone passageways. At sunset, they promptly light up, dimming only when the last of Main street's businesses have closed their doors for the day, and completely turning off upon sunrise.
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The Gardens Inn is located closely to Main Street for the convenience of shopping, providing all its current inhabitants and guests with a lovely stay right at the heart of Sidereal Village. A rustic, Victorian-esque theme decorates its exterior with autumn tones and polished wood throughout its furnishing and walls. Neatly surrounding its border are flowering bushes and a brick wall behind it, offering mild privacy from the activity of Main Street. The Inn is maintained immaculately and has the comfort of a bed and breakfast establishment, accommodated with housekeeping, room service, and concierges to help guide any newcomers to Sidereal. The establishment has been running for generations and with the passing times has been provided with necessary revamping, making it an important standing role in Sidereal Village's history.
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The clean paved sidewalks of Central Square and bricklain streets of Main slowly tamper off as villagers reach the outskirts of the village. The crowded and sometimes congested line of businesses become scarce and open up to the hilly slopes of outer Sidereal, and a dotting of rooftops decorate the landscape along with a splash of trees closely nestled in between and overused dirt pathways branching into streets and lanes often accompanied with the occasional street lamp and power line. Sidereal Avenue, often just referred to as The Avenue by the locals, is the village's main neighborhood. The houses here are more closely within walking distance, but trees, gardens, and shrubbery are still plentifully present.

Irvette District

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Muriel Oceanside is the primary beach expanding over the eastern side of the island. Its silvery sands make up for much of Sidereal's shoreline and are believed to have a faint glistening twinkle that's best seen during nightfall. This is because the sands consist of rich minerals and washed ashore remnants of tropical ores and rocks that have gradually been worn into fine sand. This has earned the Oceanside its name, "Muriel", which means Shining Sea. Certain areas of the shores are more private than others, particularly those that are nestled around rocky boulders.
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Irvette Heights is an oceanside neighborhood lining the hillside that runs along the Muriel coastline. Brilliantly blue ocean waters can be seen from all around, as are the distant crew of boats and ships that surface about the docks before sailing over yonder. A distinct aroma of the sea rolls over the neighborhood, as does the scent of blooming landscaped flowers that flourish all along the various pathways. The hillside's smooth neighborhood pathways are accompanied by an occasional lantern that lights up after the sun sets. Due to the slight hillside elevation the neighborhood is located upon,
there are various levels of housing locations within the Heights.
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The Misty Passageway serves as the main paths throughout the Irvette District. Connecting the Irvette District to the village of Sidereal is a commonly traveled bridge and down below flows a river, where a Ferry Service is offered along its banks to those wishing to visit Acadia City. The same river eventually flows out into the ocean. Landscaped flower beds decorate the pathways, varying in bright and colorful hues.
Hundreds of years ago, a volcanic enclosure once existed on the edge of the Irvette District. Having since long gone extinct, the region has naturally been transformed by the nurturing of mana into a beautifully scenic hillside reaching above the island. Mountainous rocks dollop the hills with wild flowers and lush patches of grass growing through every edge, making the hillside a wondrous destination that allows a view over the island unlike any other. Many of the boulders and jagged rocks have a blue sheen that vary in its hues, likely being ancient boulders surfaced from Cerulean's volcanic era, and thus also providing the Hillside with its name.

Sequoia District

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The Redwood Grove exists as an ancient forest that flourishes across the north eastern stretch of the island. The redwoods of Sidereal reach mesmerizing heights, and are truly some of the most fascinating and unique trees on Earth. Such trees are among the largest known to the land and create an illusory sensation of being in a whole other world, tangled by thickets of great woods. The farther one travels into the depths of Redwood Grove, the more sunlight is shielded away from its soft forested floors.
Here resides the location of Sidereal Garden's main park, radiating with lively greenery and a peaceful yet fairly active area to go for a stroll or even head on over to the fields for an athletic hobby. The entrance of the park is bordered by architectural walls and a grand arch, of which the gates are kept open during the day time and are promptly shut before sunrise. The village's official garden is located inside along with a playground and one of the Sundry Trails. Shade blankets much of these grounds due to the multiple towering trees surfacing all around.
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Silver Willows Schoolhouse is the village's only educational institute, being located just at the outskirts of town and neighboring the Evergreen Park. A brick wall surrounds the front part of the grounds with a gateway securing the entrance, if not only being kept open during the day for students and faculty. The school encompasses all grades from kindergarten through twelfth and has a close community of students. Thus, there is no segregation in the study body based on grade level and all classes are taught within the same two-storied building.
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Sequoia Walkway is a countryside neighborhood decorating the outskirts of Sidereal Village. Its backdrop consists of the magnificently tall Redwood trees rising toward the sky. Due to its close location to the woods, various wildlife tend to cross through these parts, and houses further away from the population stand at a higher risk of wildlife encounters. Further down the countryside, farmland and pastures inhabit the acres where most of Sidereal's Farmer's Market goods are raised. Some pastures hold livestock while others serve as the growing grounds for produce and vineyards.

Off the Island

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At the western coast of California, the closest and only city that Sidereal's ferry system transports to, is Acadia City; an environmental city upholding the values and traditions of the United States. It is a city built on the foundation of co-existing with Mana. As such, city living is generally for the more wealthy as cost of living is rather high but not impossibly so. Although referred to as a city, Acadia is moderately sized but boasts the most recent eco-friendly technological advancements of the time. To accommodate the need for space due to the ever expanding population, Acadia has taken to paved roadways and many of its downtown areas are brick-lain or built in cement. Most stores and businesses do tend to be family run, however recent times have given way to a few larger chain companies. Acadia is known for its high speed monorail railways where the trains are solar powered and equipped with air compressor engines, making them completely safe for the environment.
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The island that houses Sidereal is but one small village within the vast and ever expanding world of earth. The United States alone is filled with many other villages, town, and cities — some as environmentally friendly as Sidereal itself while others polluted and slowly dying. This diversity also holds true for the rest of the world. Other countries are on the same level as the US, others more so prosperous and beautiful, and are often referred to as First World. While other countries, often called Third World, have been turned into desolate wastelands due to pollution suffocating mana reserves which ultimately causes the death of the nation.
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Here resides the abyss of memories belonging to all those who dwell upon the island of Sidereal Gardens. Meetings come to past, encounters having left their impact weeks, months, or years later, and memories of a nostalgic time are kept safe within these parts. Never to be truly forgotten, regardless of the time that marches forward.

Members Community

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This is the area where all members of Sidereal Gardens can gather for all matters of general discussion. If desired there is a sub-board for those who wish to officially introduce themselves to the community. There is an area for those who enjoy posting and sharing their creative arts of different kinds. A game corner exists sectioning in character and out of character games respectively. For extras, we do have an area for those to house any of their templates or coding adventures. And, if you will be taking a temporary hiatus from the site please post within the appropriate hiatus board informing all of Sidereal of your absence.
Here lies the dead and forgotten, the abandoned and bereaved. All board content no longer active or applicable is stored within these archives. Desolation lingers at the end of the road and carries forth even in death.

Guest Center

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For anyone interested in affiliating or advertising with Sidereal Gardens please post here.

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